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The Brandividual Vault

As your business grows, your brand evolves. There are 3 main phases of the brand evolution, though your brand never really stops evolving. (Emerging brands are building their biz, evolving brands are growing their biz, and transforming brands are scaling their biz.)  

The FREE resources in The Brandividual Vault will help to clarify what you should be focusing on during each phase so that you create a brand with meaning that connects with your dream clients. 


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Storytellers Anonymous

The power of story can't be denied. Stories are how we learn, experience things we never could otherwise, relate to others, and connect emotionally. Everyone knows how important having a clear brand story is. It is THE thing that can build relationships, grow an audience, and get you loyal brand fans that trust and believe in you.

But, crafting your brand story can be confusing. Sharing it can be scary and uncomfortable. That's why I've created a small secret tribe where you can learn how to create a meaningful brand story that connects to your audience, while gaining confidence in a small container before you take your story out to the world.

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Email Magic!

Build the Ultimate Client Experiences & Give Yourself Back HUNDREDS of Hours! Get These Client Scripts & Templates to Take Your Lead Conversions, Onboarding, and Project Processes to a Whole New Level.

The most adored brands on the planet have incredible client experiences. To make sure you're cultivating the ultimate experience, you need a well-built system of client communication and support. Grab a free sample pack in the teaser module, then unlock the full pack to completely uplevel your brand.

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Web Copy Secrets

Make your site a billboard for the coveted service people crave.


Your website is the central hub for your brand, where you'll showcase your unique magic. You don’t just want people to come to your site- you want them to get there and say, “I HAVE to work with you!” (Not scroll through, click off, and find your competitors!)


Find out exactly what to write for each page, how to structure it, how to put the focus on your visitor, and make your site work for you. I’m giving away ALL my secrets to the best web content in this power packed bundle.

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Brand Storyteller Challenge!

Get over the fear and procrastination so you can share your story!

I know firsthand how vulnerable it can feel to put your story out there. Plus, it’s such a struggle to even pull your story together in a way that matters to the people who it will reach.

There are a lot of reasons I and many others have resisted building a brand story, struggled to get it right, or hesitated to even use one as a powerful way to reach the people who NEED to hear it.

This FREE challenge will help you get over all that!

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Brand Clarity Sessions

You’ll get 1:1 consulting to help you break past your current blocks to more success. I've had several clients tell me this is like turning a fire hose of strategy and value on. You give me all your info, I review your brand, and we come up with strategy to break past your barriers. 

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Client Courting Course

Upgrade your client experiences, so you can up-level the belief your people have in you.

Don't you want to know how to attract the best clients, cultivate the most incredible relationships, and nurture those dreamy clients into raving fans and referral generators? 

This is a 4 part course for service providers: 💕 Client Courting: Create the Ultimate Brand Journey that Helps Dreamy Clients Fall in Love with You. 💕

This is a value-packed course. By the time we get done, you’re going to know exactly how to create the most magical client experience matrix you could ever hope for. You’ll get a client experience matrix blueprint (49 pages!) to use with your own business.

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Brand Magic Bundle

This bundle is for service providers who want it ALL. All the pieces to building your client-attracting brand ecosystem.

You'll use:

  • Emerging Brand Blueprint
  • Web Copy Secrets
  • Client Courting Course
  • Email Magic

When these are all used TOGETHER, the system is maximized and your ability to attract, nurture, convert, and build relationships with ONLY dream clients happens.


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