Brand Magic Bundle


The fastest and easiest way for service providers in DIY mode to build out their entire client generating system is here. 

It's time to get unstuck. 

This bundle is for service providers who want it ALL.



All the pieces to building your client-attracting brand ecosystem.

You'll use:

  • Emerging Brand Blueprint
  • Web Copy Secrets 
  • Client Courting Course
  • Email Magic 

When these are all used TOGETHER, the system is maximized and your ability to attract, nurture, convert, and build relationships with ONLY dream clients happens.

  1. Emerging Brand Blueprint (Value $49)- first you'll put your personality and values into words that work to get your dream clients to perk up and pay attention to you. This is your personal guide to building a unique brand that attracts ideal clients, without breaking the bank or driving you crazy.
  2. Web Copy Secrets (Regular Price $97)- pnce you're super clear on the value you bring to the table and how to talk about it, it's time to put that magic sauce all over your business billboard- your website. I walk you ALL the way through writing your whole site.
  3. Client Courting Course (Regular Price $249)- You can't just throw up a site and expect the clients to come rolling in, beating down your door, and throwing money at you. That's not how it works. Learn how to attract, nurture, and convert leads, then turn them into excited referral generators for you.
  4. Email Magic (Regular Price $297)- the key to nurturing relationships with your leads and clients is through communication. But, you can't micromanage all your communications. With this pack, you'll get over 60 emails to put into your CRM and keep your people engaged and happy. PLUS, templates, like proposal template, questionnaire suggestions, and a testimonial guide.  

Total Value: $692

PLUS, I'll share with you the fastest way to put all this to work with a supporting visual system, without all the tech headaches. 

Forget the gold. This bonus is already diamond quality value. But, to make sure you take action on the tools I give to you, I'm offering a free session with me so you have extra support as you work through this. Because everybody needs a little help sometimes.

Clients have told me that my sessions have generated huge shifts and revenue increases for them. 

“I no longer do it ALL. Instead, I do ME. My income has increased by 50%!" (Tammy Reimiller, Flexible Biz Teams)




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