Storytellers Anonymous


Your brand story connects you to your ideal clients and lets them build a relationship with you.When you use stories in your brand messaging, you have an easier time building an audience, deepening relationships, and getting people to talk about you to others. 


But, it's HARD to get your story straight and share it with the real world.

There are a LOT of things that keep people from using the power of story to build their brand- and I bet you can relate to at least a couple...

  • Worrying that you don’t have anything to build a story on or being lost because you have too much to sort through and can’t figure out what matters
  • Thinking your personality or beliefs may be too much for people and will rock the boat or being scared people just won’t get you and your quirks
  • Not knowing how to create a story in a way that matters to your ideal audience (and feeling confused about how to make your story interesting and important to different audiences)
  • Resisting putting yourself out there because you don’t want to be put on the spot, seem like you’re attention seeking, or come off as salesy
  • Diluting yourself down because you’re not confident to talk about yourself the way others see you or the way you need to, so you blend in (because you don't even think there's anything that special about you)

These are all thoughts you've allowed yourself to believe, but I'm here to tell you they're all untrue.A lot of gurus will make you feel bad by saying you're just using excuses, but I don't believe that to be true. I know how paralyzing these thoughts can be because I've thought them all before, too.I'm also living proof that you can get past these beliefs, find the magic in your own story, and share it to connect with the people who will build your tribe.

That's why I'm opening Storytellers Anonymous- a secret tribe of passionate service providers who are ready to get their story straight and learn how to share it.In this membership program, you'll-

  • Be part of a secret FB group where we'll build up our tribe and lift each other up
  • Have the unique opportunity to submit your story anonymously for review and peer feedback
  • Learn how to frame, tell, and use your story in infinite ways to build a meaningful brand
  • Get access to trainings and Q & As to help you through this journey
  • Have access to me for help with building a better story that is true to who you are, hits all the right notes with your audience, and grows a following
  • Unlock Guest Storyteller Trainings halfway through the modules

It's a safe space where you can do the important work you need to focus on and get comfortable with sharing your story with those who need to hear it.Why should you believe that I can help you do that?


Creating powerful brand stories is a portion of what I do with my premium-level clients through Brandividuation™. Clients who come away with a story they're proud of sharing with their dream clients and audience members. The brand story is always the part of the process where they experience incredible transformation. I also know how powerful a small tribe can be for helping people bust through their barriers and breakdowns to experience breakthroughs after running a secret mastermind for over a year.


I believe in the power of your story.I want to offer you a spot in a new tribe so you can believe in it, too.

So, who am I anyway? I'm The Brandividual, Amber Brooks- I help passionate entrepreneurs with a hunger for something bigger connect what's important to them with what's important to their ideal audience to build a brand that matters. I care about your story and your audience will, too. It's time to leverage the power of your journey and passion to connect on a way deeper level with the people who need that connection, desperately.

Join Storytellers Anonymous and lets build our stories up together. I'm going to get super real with you and share my own story, too. The extended version, not the trailer.

Let's do this together.

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Module 1- Meaning & Mindset (About 3 hrs total)

3 Lessons

In module one, we cover the power of story, why it's important, and talk about the mindset challenges that come with sharing your story.

Module 1

  • The Power Of Story- an intro (38 minutes + activity)
  • Mindset Challenges- vulnerability & visibility (42 minutes + activity)
  • Flipping Fear- how to turn these toxic lies into powerful truths (40 minutes + activity)

In all, it will take 5 hours or less to get through this module.

Module 2- The Core of Your Story (About 3 hours)

4 Lessons

To develop your brand story, you have to first consider some of the important elements of your brand and understand who you're telling your story to. In this module, we cover those important elements so you can craft your core story.

Module 2

  • Philosophies and Promises- why you should nail this down 1st (18 minutes + activity)
  • The Purpose Behind Your Purpose- why is your why so important to you (26 minutes + activity)
  • Your Audience- are you throwing darts or singling out your ICA? (13 minutes + activity)
  • Get Into Their Heads- find out what your audience wants to hear (37 minutes + activity)

The market research will take the most time to work on.

Guest Expert Storytellers (2:39 hrs)

3 Lessons

Guest expert storytellers join us to talk about different ways to use story, sharing interesting methods for crafting them. You don't want to skip these!

  • Justin Blackman, copywriter at Pretty Fly Copy
  • Karen Martin, storyteller at Brand Legacy
  • Douglas Paton, copywriter and storyteller

Module 3- Turn Back Time (45 min.)

2 Lessons

Looking back, what led you here? What's your origin story? What came before your journey as an entrepreneur that contributed to what you do now? In module 3, we talk about creating a timeline and trimming it down to what's important.

Module 3:

  • Get it ALL Out- creating a timeline that led you to this point
  • Stuff the Fluff- slim down your story to what really matters


Module 4- Storytelling Secrets (2 hrs)

1 Lessons

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • How leaders create messaging that moves people to take action
  • The simple structure of every good story
  • The 3 stories you MUST have for your brand
  • The ONE thing you need to max out your credibility


Plus, these resources are in this module:

  • Story Examples: Real storytelling and story-selling in action from successful brands
  • Credible proof guide: learn how to get persuasive proof that gives you instant credibility
  • A Storytelling Secrets Template Pack: create YOUR must-have stories, mad lib style

Module 5- Creating Versions (1:18 hrs)

2 Lessons

Once you have your core story down, it's time to figure out how to create different versions of your story and pull in varying story elements for different purposes. This module is about using story once you have one. 


Module 4:

  • Creating Versions- bite-sized, short story, and novel versions
  • Story Sharing Secrets- repeatedly use your story in different ways

20 Minute Laser Strategy Session!

1 Lessons

Complete all lessons in the modules to get a FREE 20 minute laser strategy session with me for story or content strategy.