Brand Clarity Sessions


You’ll get 1:1 consulting to help you break past your current blocks to more success.

Direction on any one of the Brandividuation™ elements pays for itself, but we’ll cover as many as we need to during our hour together. Topics we may cover include:

  • Voice (What You Have to Say) & Tone (How You Say It)
  • Core Brand Voice Values
  • Supporting Brand Personality Traits
  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand Philosophy & Promise
  • Differentiation (Unique Brand Value Statement)
  • Client Experience Matrix
  • Value Ladders

This is an intensive no-fluff clarity session. You’ll get:

  • Focused strategy
  • Clear direction
  • Full session notes
  • Recording of our session together

You’ll be surprised what we can get done in just an hour.



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About Amber (Plus Video Case Studies!)

5 Lessons

I’m the Brandividual, Amber Brooks. I help passionate entrepreneurs with a hunger for something bigger connect what they care about with what their clients care about to build a brand that matters.

Check out more about what I do, plus get access to video case studies with my 1:1 Brandividuation clients.

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