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What if you could get your clients to see you as the pro you already are without having to work harder?

YOU'LL be the best service provider EVER when you master ALL of your client communications, even after the job starts. Your clients will feel taken care of at every step.


From the very beginning of my business, clients kept telling me that I'd created the most professional and magical client experience they've ever had. Over time, others were tagging me in groups and recommending to others that they should get me to help them cultivate better clients experiences, too. So, with the help of a CRM specialist, I created this Email Magic System so you can give your clients a magical experience, too.


With Email Magic, you'll:

  • Save an infinite amount of time (use them again and again, in your CRM system, on auto!) 
  • Know when to send emails, what to send, and how to write it every-single-time you have to send an email or notification. 
  • Be able to set up all your payment reminders on auto, increasing your on-time payments and DECREASING your need to micro-manage and chase down payments. 
  • Upgrade your brand to an whole new level with stellar client experiences that turn hot leads into loyal advocates who bring you even more clients

If you don't have your processes tight and communicate clearly, consistently, and often, your leads and clients will:

  • Fall off the hot plate and forget why they even contacted you (because your competitor made it easy for them to remember them!)
  • Be confused about what to expect (and probably continue to check in and ask you a million questions until they finally lose hope)
  • Feel like they're just another number on your list of to-dos and more $$ signs in your bank (and NEVER want to work with you again)
  • Tell everyone about how much of a flake you are and how disappointed they are (therefore keeping others from working with you, too)

You could actually lose THOUSANDS of $$$ in revenue without solid systems with clear communication.

The Average Rate for Email Copy is $250-500 PER Email...

In fact, building out client experiences with copy is a premium service I only offer 1:1 clients who go through my Brandividuation process first.

But, you don't have to worry about sobbing in your cup of wine because you're not ready to hire a pro copywriter OR sit down for 10 or more hours to write these babies!

I know how important having superior client experiences is. And those ultimate experiences that elevate your brand aren't possible without professional, consistent communication. So, I got you!


Buy Now and INSTANTLY Download One of these Packaged Sets! These packages are JUST what you need in your life right now!

Email scripts for service providers


Check out the list below to see all the emails you don't even realize you need!

Virtually every email you will ever need to progress a project along, from lead through the end- 60 of them! PLUS:

  • Questionnaire suggestions, so you can pre-qualify your leads and be prepared for your discovery call!
  • Proposal template that will help you land the project and
  • Testimonial guide that makes it super easy for your clients to give you an amazing credibility booster
  • Client Care bonus pack to help you cultivate loyal brand advocates who bring you more clients

This is the most value-packed  package available- WAY more emails than those in the other package. PLUS, you'll already have emails locked and loaded for those tricky situations, like scope creep, late payments, and firing bad clients!

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Email Magic! Sample Pack

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Grab your sample pack of Email Magic! scripts- perfect for adding to your favorite CRM. (Mine happens to be Dubsado.) Then, when you like what you see, grab the Ultimate pack and get everything you need to take your clients through the most magical experience possible.

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Email Magic! Ultimate Email Scripts & Client Templates Pack

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