Client Courting Course


Upgrade your client experiences, so you can up-level the belief your people have in you.

Don't you want to know how to attract the best clients, cultivate the most incredible relationships, and nurture those dreamy clients into raving fans and referral generators? 

The Client Courting Course will do just that! This is a 4 part course for consultants, coaches, and strategists:

💕 Client Courting: Create the Ultimate Brand Journey that Helps Dreamy Clients Fall in Love with You (Without Leaving Your Integrity at the Door or Proverbial Panties on the Floor) 💕

I created this when I heard others sharing the same thoughts I had before I built out my client processes.

If you’re here, I bet you’re just like me (or like I was at one point)…

  • Allergic to sleazy marketing techniques that activate your gag reflexes on the regular (remember the whole success without sacrifice campaign? Or how about the dudes with lambos trend? Blech)
  • Looking for a way to build genuine connections, but confused about how to do it
  • Finding yourself looking for reasons to completely avoid cold pitching because you’ve been pitched to and it hasn’t felt great
  • SO OVER people using your fears against you to get you to sign up for everything they put out there to make an extra dollar
  • Annoyed by the people telling you to just manifest the relationships you need in your life (wtf is that all about anyway?)
  • Ready to tell the next person who says if you don’t sign up for their program, you’re not invested in yourself exactly where they can go with that BS

We're not just covering a buyer journey here- that's old news and bro marketing at best. We're covering the Client Experience MATRIX! Because your audience isn't full of people you can move along a virtual conveyor belt! They are humans, just like you, who want real relationships with real people they can trust and count on.

This is a value-packed course. By the time we get done, you’re going to know exactly how to create the most magical client experience matrix you could ever hope for.

You get 4 modules:

  • Client Courting Intro: why it matters, what you need to know, and how to tell the difference between fear and shame-based marketing and building authentic relationships
  • From Stranger to Friend: how to completely build out your client experience matrix so that you are building meaningful relationships from the very first encounter and at every touch-point
  • From Friend to Partner: learn how to build a full, rich experience that converts leads, nurtures client relationships, and leads to a continued relationship
  • From Partner to Loyal Advocate: how to take your relationships to the next level and have people bringing you even more loyal fans!


  • You’ll get a Client Experience Matrix Blueprint (49 pages!) to use with your own business and reminders when we’re getting ready to go live.
  • Grab a copy of my workflow to use as you build out your client experience matrix
  • Get a special 75% code to my full pack of Email Magic! Ultimate Email Scripts & Templates



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Client Courting Kickoff

1 Lessons

In module one, we kick it off with the Client Courting Matrix Course! In this intro module, we talk about how to build a meaningful brand on excellent client experiences, not the tactics, tricks, and schemes many marketers pressure people to build their brands on. Once you finish this lesson, you'll unlock the next one. 

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Client Courting From Stranger to Friend

1 Lessons

From Stranger to Friend (Attracting Dreamy Potential Clients)


There are so many little places and times to nurture or lose someone who could potentially be an amazing client, collaborator, or connector. In this module, we’re going to cover what attraction marketing really is (not what your guru has told you), brand awareness, and nurturing strangers into friends. And yes, friends can totally turn into clients and clients can totally turn into friends. But, never expect a relationship to lead to a sale. (This is where a lot of people go wrong.)

Client Courting From Friend to Partner

1 Lessons

From Friend to Partner (Turning Hot Leads to Committed Clients)


In this section, we’re going to cover building out your processes. This is a must for creating the ultimate client experience and turning hot leads into happy and committed clients.

Client Courting From Partner to Loyal Advocate

1 Lessons

From Partner to Advocate (Turn Happy Clients into Connectors)


In this module, we’re going to talk about how to take those happy clients and turn them into excited brand advocates. This means the more clients you make happy, the more hot leads come to you.

Client Courting Matrix BONUSES!

1 Lessons

Way to GO! You made it to the finish line. Whenever I meet a goal, I reward myself with a special treat- and I think you should have one too! 

That's why I've unlocked the bonuses for you! 

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