All About the Brand Story Challenge!

All About the Brand Story Challenge!

I’m SO energized by what’s going on right now because I know SO many people need it. 


I know firsthand how vulnerable it can feel to put your story out there. Plus, it’s such a struggle to even pull your story together in a way that matters to the people who it will reach.


Recently, I asked what fears hold you back from sharing your story on my personal FB profile. The thread blew me away. I was amazed by how many amazing people showed up to talk about their fears- and by the fact so many resonated with me. Here are some of the reasons I and many others have resisted building a brand story, struggled to get it right, or hesitated to even use one as a powerful way to reach the people who NEED to hear it:

  • Worrying that you don’t have anything to build a story on
  • Being lost because you have too much to sort through and can’t figure out what matters
  • Worrying your personality or beliefs may be too much for people and will rock the boat
  • Not knowing how to create a story in a way th
  • at matters to your ideal audience
  • Feeling confused about how to make your story interesting and important to different audiences
  • Not feeling like there’s anything special about you that makes you stand out
  • Being stuck between how to be yourself and be professional at the same time when you feel like you’re SO different from your ideal audience
  • Sorting out your personal and professional story (or feeling like you have to)
  • Resisting putting yourself out there because you don’t want to be put on the spot, seem like you’re attention seeking, or come off as salesy
  • Mindset challenges that keep you from being brave enough to put it out there and use it to connect
  • Feeling like making your story a “thing” will remove some of the heart, soul, and meaning
  • Diluting yourself down because you’re not confident to talk about yourself the way others see you or the way you need to, so you blend in
  • Feeling like your story is boring, cheesy, or cliche
  • Being scared people just won’t get you and your quirks
  • Loathing talking about yourself
  • Not even knowing what “brand story” means or why it matters


Wow, there are SO MANY things holding people back from using the power of story in their brands! But, putting time into working past the fears, creating a story, and using it to grow your own tribe is SO important. In fact, sharing pieces of me is THE thing that has allowed me to build such incredible meaningful relationships, allow people to understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, give people something to relate to, and build my brand.


I know how important this work is… but, I also know how easy it is to keep putting it off. That’s why I've created this challenge and my program. I want to be a guide to help you work through all the fears, questions, confusion, and procrastination.


Each day, I’ll come on and talk about the things that matter when it comes to your brand story. This way, you’ll have some little wins and start to get energized too, even if you don’t sign up for the program.


Here’s the lineup:

1: How knowing someone’s story makes you feel connected and invested in them (with examples from people I love and how people have connected to my own story)


2: Doing a temp check on your own story and presence (or lack thereof)


3: The lies we all tell ourselves about our stories (and how to be your own biggest fan)


4: What happens if you DON'T get your story straight


I’m so excited about this journey we’re going on together and CANNOT WAIT to see what other amazing conversations come out of it. I’ll catch you all here tomorrow!


BTW! If you do this challenge, complete your homework, answer the questions, and  share it with others, I'm going to give you your first month in Storytellers Anonymous FREE! So, make sure you finish each lesson and share this link with your friends:

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